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The Many Benefits to Living in a Gated Residential Zone in Thailand

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If you are planning your retirement and Thailand is your favoured destination, there are many advantages to buying a holiday home on a housing development. This is a common sight in all parts of Thailand, where there are manned security guards to allow authorised people entry and they are present night and day.

Here are just a few of the benefits to living in a gated residential community.

  • First Class Amenities – The typical housing development would contain a sports centre, with swimming pool and fitness equipment, with several restaurants and a few convenience stores, where you can buy things you need without leaving the compound. Many developments have a nice lake with some beautiful areas where you can enjoy nature while walking along illuminated pathways.
  • Building Repairs – Should you ever have any building issues, the developer would have an office in the development, plus they would have a team of builders to carry out any repairs. Your home would be covered by a comprehensive warranty and any issues would be handled by the developer at no cost to the property owner.
  • Peace and Quiet – Whether a single or multiple entrances, there is no through traffic in a gated housing development, which keeps vehicles down to a minimum. It makes all the difference living in a quiet place and the only traffic would be from residents. No traffic means zero air pollution and in some parts of Bangkok, the air is very polluted, which is another good reason to live in a compound.
  • Grounds Maintenance – The developer would hire 3-4 locals to sweep the roads, cut the grass and trim the hedges and there would be an annual maintenance fee that every property owner pays and this covers things like waste removal and grounds maintenance. In many cases, this annual fee also allows you to use the sports facilities and your guests are also welcome at any time.

The majority of expats who come to live in Thailand choose to reside in a gated community for all the above reasons and if you are planning your retirement, spend a few months looking at suitable destinations before choosing your dream retirement home.

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