Should You Build a Duplex or a Single-Family Home?


Building your own home from scratch means you call the shots, and it gives you the chance to create your dream property. However, when you build a home, you don’t necessarily have to just build it for yourself or your family. People are increasingly choosing to build a duplex instead of a single-family home, and here’s why it might work for you.

Duplexes have lots of uses

Generally, when an individual comes to a builder about creating a duplex, they intend to live in one half of the unit.

The other half has lots of uses, which can include:

  • Renting it out in the long term
  • Renting it as a holiday home or short-term let, for example, on sites like Airbnb
  • Having space for guests
  • Letting a family member live there – for example, an elderly parent or adult child who needs their own space

Duplexes are two self-contained units, so although they are connected, each one is completely private and has its own facilities. This gives the unit lots of potential uses. Remember, duplexes don’t have to be two same sized homes. You could have a 3-bedroomed home with a 1-bed attached if that works for you.

Keeping your privacy

The key thing if building a duplex, especially if you’re planning to let half of it out, is to ensure it’s designed for maximum privacy. It’s worth working with custom duplex home builders Canberra ensures you get a finished duplex that’s suitable for your lifestyle and one that gives you as much privacy as possible. Whether this is by changing the layout, soundproofing or giving you both separate entrances and outdoor spaces, a custom builder will be able to help you get the best possible finish.

Duplexes are in demand

In popular areas, such as close to cities, there tends to be a big demand for smaller, easily maintained homes. They tend to be cheaper to run and ideal for couples and small families. If you are building in an expensive area, then it’s worth considering building a duplex and then either renting out or selling one unit, as it can help with the cost of your own property.

People who build their own homes don’t always go for big, detached properties. Duplexes can be much more practical and allow you to make some money on the side. Of course, duplexes still give you your own space and privacy, so you get the best of both worlds.

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