National Patterns in Moving Behaviors


Considering an out-of-state move? You’re not alone. Many Americans are relocating across state lines, driven by opportunities and challenges spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, Illinois saw a significant population decline, with Cook County, including Chicago, experiencing a notable exodus due to financial strain and work-related issues. Illinois’s high cost of living, including steep taxes and soaring housing expenses, has propelled residents to seek more affordable options, particularly in warmer southern states like South Carolina, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Remote work flexibility has also fueled migration, with cities like Tucson, Jacksonville, and San Antonio emerging as top destinations for job seekers. Retirement also plays a role, contributing to a steady increase in relocation trends. Explore more insights on 2023 moving patterns and why Chicagoans are leaving in the accompanying resource from New City Moving.

Graphic created by New City Moving, movers in Naperville.

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