Modern Households Demand Modern Air Conditioner Technologies


There was a time when air conditioning simply meant turning your home into some sort of cold desert with blasts of uncomfortable chills. Thankfully, technology has significantly evolved since the early days of air conditioning and today’s air conditioners from reputed manufacturers provide numerous benefits and comfort to the customers.

If you consider buying a new air conditioner, you can look for the various range of ACs provided by Hitachi Cooling and Heating that come with some latest innovations and seamless integration of technology. Following are some of the most innovative technologies that come with such air conditioners.

iFresh- FrostWash Technology

Dust collection reduces performance of the AC. While most conventional air conditioners require periodic maintenance to ensure optimal performance, Hitachi Cooling & Heating saw the potential to create the technology that takes care of it for you. That’s why Hitachi developed FrostWash technology feature that helps your unit’s interior stay cleaner, provides healthier air, keeps running costs lower and keeps unpleasant odours at bay.

The iFresh technology enables collecting the moisture in the room to form dew on the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger then reaches freezing temperature. The dust trapped inside frost is easily peeled off as frozen water expands in volume.

Now the frozen water containing dust particles is melted and drained out. The fans then dry out the exchanger completing the cleaning process.

iClean+ Auto Filter Cleaning Technology

The auto filter cleaning process ensures no dust is left on the AC filter. The filter is coated with stainless steel. The auto cleaning brush moves horizontally along this filter, sweeping the dust into the dust box. The dust catcher located on the top of the dust box sweeps the dust into the dust box. The auto cleaning dust moves twice over the dust catcher to transfer maximum dust to the dust box.

Apart from keeping the AC clean and maintaining optimal airflow, iClean also makes an AC highly energy efficient.

iSee- Intelligent Image Sensor Technology

This revolutionary technology automatically identifies the number of people and their location in the room and adjusts the colling accordingly. Furthermore, iSee can automatically switch off the AC if no individual is present in the room, reducing energy wastage.

iSense- Activity Sensor Technology

A good air conditioner brand understands the importance of a sound sleep you deserve after a hectic day and ensures you get it through iSense technology. The technology uses infrared sensors to detect active body movements and regulate room temperature accordingly.

For example, there are lesser active body movements when you fall asleep. The iSense detects this and increases the temperature by 1°C per hour for 2 hours, keeping the room temperature at comfortable levels aiding your sleep.

Filter Clean Indicator

Even if you forget to initiate the automatic cleaning features for a while, you don’t have to worry because the filter clean indicator in the AC panel will alert you of the same.

Expandable Inverter AC

The AC automatically senses the adverse temperature conditions and expands its cooling capacity by cutting down the humidity level inside the room. It can expand its cooling capacity by increasing the compressor’s rotation per minute (RPM) from the standard RPM.

This technology can be very useful in Indian cities that face scorching heat during the summer season by providing quick relief from the heat without affecting the performance of the AC.

A Complete Package

While there can be numerous air conditioners available in the Indian market, very few of them can claim to provide a complete cooling experience along with the seamless integration of technologies meant to make your life easier than before.

With their prolonged experience of the Indian weather conditions, Hitachi Cooling and Heating have developed a diverse range of ACs designed to meet the requirements of different customers. You can consider checking their official website as well as the nearest authorised store to find out the right AC for your home.

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