Everything you need to know about types of concrete slabs for house


When building a house, you will need to consider different factors, and the slabs are one of them. When you’re involved in a residential project, you will need to consider various factors that can make up for the project.

Every engineer is different and will have their own set of guidelines for building houses. As a property developer, it is your responsibility to consider the different options you have when building the property.

Different types of slabs

The residential property projects are huge. Therefore, you must identify everything that can be done, compare the factors, and choose the right property.

There are two major different types of concrete slabs for houses. However, it can be a tough decision to understand which one is the most efficient. Most of these slabs are simple and easy to use. Therefore, when choosing the slab for a property, you need to understand the soil condition, property structure, and more. All these factors can play an important role in helping you get your hands on the house’s most efficient type of slabs.

Given below are some of the common types of slabs that you can choose from:

Raft slabs

The raft slabs have existed for a long time. They give an edge and are made of internal concrete beams that tend to form a grid pattern mostly above the ground. These are highly suitable for different soils and can cater to the site conditions.

Raft slabs have been in use for a long time, and they play an important role in providing an efficient soil movement rather than catering to the footing systems. However, when choosing the raft slab, you must be familiar with the soil classification.

With the increase in reactivity, the depth of concrete beams will also increase. Furthermore, it is also crucial to understand the grid spacing mainly because of the seasonal moisture.

Waffle slab

Waffle slabs are relatively newer as compared to raft slabs. However, most property developers consider using waffle slabs in the new property development areas. With tough competition, it is crucial to use the right property-building contracts.

There are no beam excavations, and they can play an important role in preparing the waffle slabs. The builders can easily understand the quality of concrete so that you can make the right choice. Waffle slabs play an essential role in providing leveling to the finished flooring.

They need to be raised above a certain level. However, it is necessary to understand what the client wants to make the right choice regarding the concrete slab. If you’re running out of budget, concrete waffle slabs can be more efficient than raft slabs.

When choosing the slabs, you need to understand how it works. If you are connected to the project, you need to contact professionals. The properties at Adelaide development at Development Ready can prove to be extremely efficient in the long run. However, make sure you do some research before you make a choice.

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