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Considerations When Looking For An Apartment In Bangkok To Rent

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Bangkok is a fantastic city to live in, and it is a vibrant place where there always seems to be something happening. If you are looking to move to the Big Mango, you will need to consider various factors before starting your search for the perfect apartment. Below are some things you may wish to think about to help your search for the ideal place to live and ensure you find a suitable apartment.

Think About Your Daily Commute

One of the first things you should consider is your daily commute, and if you are working or studying in Bangkok, you will want to try and ensure you do not have too far to travel. For example, if you go to school or work in the Silom area of the city, you may want to search for an apartment for rent at Rama 3, which will reduce your commute. However, you can also use the BTS, and MRT transports systems to get about in Bangkok, so you may also want to find somewhere to live that is near one of the many stations.

How Much You Can Afford To Spend?

Another factor limiting where you can and cannot live is the budget you have available for rent. It is also vital to note that there will be additional expenses other than your rent, such as the water, electricity, and communal fees you will have to pay. The communal charge is a surcharge that goes to pay for the communal areas of the building, which will benefit all tenants.

The Length Of Your Rental Agreement

You will also need to consider how long you are likely to stay in the apartment once you move in. If you are going to be in Bangkok for a while, you will want to try and negotiate a more extended rental agreement, which may also mean you can pay less in rent each month. Shorter-term rentals will offer a higher monthly rental price, so the longer your contract, the cheaper it can be.

The Facilities You Want

You will also need to think about what facilities you want in the apartment building and how big an apartment you require. The average number of bedrooms in Bangkok apartments is usually one or two, but there are bigger units available and studio apartments. Facilities you may want to have include 24-hour security, a swimming pool, gym, secure parking, shops, laundry service, maid service, or a convenience store. Work out what you need before you start looking, and you can make the process much easier. For more information about renting an apartment in Bangkok, click here.

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