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A List of Popular Large Trees in Australia

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If you live in Australia, you will already be aware that we have a large selection of tree species, and some species are exclusive to this country. In this article, we will list some information about large tree species found in Australia, in no particular order.

  • Sydney Red Gum – Also known as Angophora costata, the gnarled orange bark gives the tree some texture and contrast, and this hardy species can grow just about anywhere, even in sandy soil that has little nutrients. A large tree that is typically found in parks and the gardens of big houses, the Sydney Red Gum can grow up to 30m and is an evergreen species that flowers annually with white blossom.
  • Lemon Scented Gum – The scientific name is Corymbia citriodora and this tree does offer a scent of lemon in its leaves, with a smooth, white trunk that looks ideal either side of a long driveway. An ideal tree for honey production, the Lemon Scented Gum is popular in colonial style properties and large parks, due to its ease of maintenance and the fact that it flowers all year round. A lot of the tree lopping in Perth would involve the Lemon Scented Gum, as they do grow to a height of 35m.
  • Silky Oak – The scientific name is Grevillea robusta and this tree can vary greatly in height, ranging from 10-30m, with many Silky Oaks lining our streets. This is an ideal choice for shade, as this evergreen grows very quickly, making it one of Australia’s most popular trees.
  • Tree Warata – Scientifically known as Alloxylon flameum, this tree has spectacular bright red blossom in the spring, and the dense foliage makes this tree perfect for shade. Growing anything from 10 to 30m, the Tree Warata is found in Northern Queensland and it can withstand mild frost and is regarded as a very hardy tree.
  • Wollemi Pine – The Wollemia nobilis is a native Australian conifer evergreen that is very popular as lining trees in a garden or park. The trees grow from 10-40m and can be shaped to fit most settings, while some people use them for Christmas trees, as they do resemble the traditional conifer that grows in northern Europe.

If you would like to add to the appeal of your garden with a few large trees, any of the above might make for an ideal choice, and by discussing your needs with a local arborist, you can be sure to select a suitable species.

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