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Could Kardashian Crash Cobble Hill?

By , 27 May, 2011, No Comment

Sadly, my husband broke the news that Kim Kardashian is engaged. Yes, his time on SportsCenter elicited a better update on the country’s favorite porn/reality/sports-loving gal than my fleeting ten minutes of BBC News. And guess what? Her hubby-to-be is a current NJ Net–and will be moving to our borough come 2012 to become a Brooklyn, um, New Yorker? Yes, Kris Humphries will be heading to our neck of the woods, and I appreciated the Wall Street Journal’s take on it.

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And because this is Brooklyn, the baby watch will be on. Maybe they will have two babies, pushed in a diamond-encrusted Bugaboo. The Cobble Hill playground will be on high alert, with jealous parents clucking over lattes from Ted & Honey. Are the Humphries-Kardashian kids really having a birthday party at Carmelo the Science Fellow? Where will they go to school? St. Ann’s? Packer? Berkeley-Carroll? 321? Are Khloe and Lamar coming in for the weekend?
Kim will be everyone’s new best friend, the newest smug name drop. “Oh, you saw Jonathan Safran Foer at BAM? Well, I just went shopping at Bird with Kim Kardashian and then I took her to the Red Hook soccer field.”

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Of course, we all know she’s no Michelle Williams. If you’re celebrating your engagement party with glitter-covered miniature horses (oh yes she DID), you are firmly staying in the land of Manhattan. Though I’m pretty sure I saw a diamond-encrusted Bugaboo parked outside Barney’s just last week…

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A Few Good Links

By , 16 December, 2010, No Comment

Hey All: going to be hard to get stuff up the next two weeks, so forgive me for being lazy. Didn’t want to leave you completely in the lurch, so here are a few cool links I found for the hood. Enjoy!

What’s up with Gowanus being so cool?

Should Downtown Brooklyn get more skyscrapers–or should we leave it more historically accurate?

Don’t feel like cooking this Christmas (or ordering in Chinese?)? Here’s a great guide to dining out.

There was a ton of controversy over Cathy Black becoming the new city schools chancellor. Looks like she’s spending a lot of time in BK to start off her stint.

Looks like the NJ Nets will become the Brooklyn New Yorkers. Um, couldn’t come up with anything a little more imaginative?