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Teenage Girls Storm Brooklyn Heights Gossip Girl Set

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As I was walking up Atlantic Ave. today, from Henry to Court St., I was met with the all too familiar scene of trailers, heavy duty lighting and frantic underlings skittering about with headphones. And then I noticed something you don’t see with every production in the neighborhood–a gaggle of teenage girls with cameras standing around impatiently in the 90+ degree heat. Hmmm, what could bring so many young ladies with braces and short, denim skirts to the brow-beating heat of Atlantic Ave. in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon? Why, Gossip Girl, of course. I assume those feisty upper east-siders were slumming it here while filming in the Waterfall Cafe (maybe falafel really is sexier than we thought), but it looks like today is the last day those massive trailers take up coveted parking spots. XOXO, Bococaland.

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Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig Flick Filming in Cobble Hill

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Not to be confused with the coming soon Friends with Benefits, in which two really hot people decide to hook up just for fun, Friends with Kids is a film focused on two good-looking folks who decide to have a baby together, then date other people. Yup, that should work out swell. And, more importantly, Kane St. between Court and Clinton will be shut off on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, 17 to 19 July for filming.
The movie, which will be out in 2012, stars Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Megan Fox and Chris O’Dowd, and is being directed by Hamm’s real-life love, Jennifer Westfeldt. Not sure who will be be walking the streets of Cobble Hill, but if you get any good photos, please send them our way.

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Return of the Jedi-Screening at Carroll Park

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Here’s yet another great way to watch a classic film in open air. Friends of Carroll Park are bringing us the last installment of the Star Wars saga this Friday night at 8pm, in front of the Robert Acito Park House. Whether it’s your umpteenth time watching Luke and his fa-thah duke it out or your kids are seeing it for the very first time, you can enjoy Return of the Jedi in all it’s Ewokian glory with a picnic and a few brewskies. There’s no charge, but donations to Friends of Carroll Park will be accepted.

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PS 29 Outdoor Movie Screening

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Fingers crossed for good weather Friday night, because I wouldn’t want to miss the outdoor screening of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder, not Johnny Depp). The film will run in the PS 29 schoolyard, 17 June at 8:30 pm, courtesy of Big Movies for Little Kids and sponsored by Joy Hudecz D.D.S., The Cobble Hill Association and The PS29 PTA. Come early and enjoy hotdogs, hamburgers, popcorn, candy and beverages (for purchase)–and snag a plumb spot to view the main feature and four audience favorites (two films tied for third place) from the BMFLK first-ever student film festival. Children of all ages welcome.

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Brooklyn Gets Its Own TV & Movie Tours

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Remember when the “real” Kramer from Seinfeld started doing tours of the TV show’s locations in Manhattan? Or women from all over the world came to NYC to drink cosmos at the same bars as Carrie and the gals? Well now Brooklyn has its very own kitschy movie tour. The approximately four hour tour by On Location Tours takes place every Saturday and will run you $42 for adults and $24 for kids aged 6 to 9. It touts up-close views of over 40 bridges, bistros and brownstones featured on the big and small screen, including the French café used in Julie & Julia, the bakery from Moonstruck, the bar that stood in for a Boston pub in The Departed, the casino in Boardwalk Empire, the bookstore from Eat, Pray, Love, and the firehouse from I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (god help us all).
Of course, anyone living here, especially in good old Bococa, knows we have no shortage of movie and TV shoots to choose from (hello Men in Black III). Those huge, white trucks are taking up our parking spaces more than we’d like to admit. But heck, if it brings the borough a little extra cash, I can’t complain. No, you won’t see the spot where Mr. Big bought bought his sushi, but thank goodness the poor kids in Gossip Girl are slumming it in DUMBO.

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Men in Black III, in Case You Were Wondering

By , 31 May, 2011, 3 Comments

The third installment of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones vehicle, Men in Black was being shot end of last week into the weekend on Court St. And if you didn’t get up there to see the commotion, it was pretty cool. Thursday and Friday, a dozen vintage muscle cars were set up between State and Joralemon Streets to accompany the 1960′s era set, according to The Brooklyn Paper.

In addition to the classic cars, Court Street received another slice of history in the form of signage from a legendary Brooklyn record store. The T-Mobile on Court Street near Livingston Street was outfitted with a replica of the marquee from Zig Zag Records, a now-shuttered Sheepshead Bay vinyl shop that had its heyday in the 1970s.

Then over the weekend, the MIB III set-up was moved to Carroll Gardens, where we saw these cars ready and waiting. Even the street signs were changed from green to white and instead of the “walking man” (any parent knows you don’t say “white man”) that flashes on the street light, the word “WALK” appeared. I guess more people could read back in the 60s. The film will be out next May and the story line has to do wit Smith’s character traveling through time. It will also feature Josh Brolin as the younger Agent K (Jones), our fave New Zealander Jermaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) and Emma Thompson thrown in for good measure. Would love to see other shots of the set if anyone has any they’d like to send in.

Head to Williamsburg for Dinner With Your Movie

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image via Village Voice

I don’t get to the movies much anymore. When paying for a babysitter, we usually want dinner and drinks rather than chowing down stale, yellow popcorn and diet soda from a soggy paper cup. But when the new Nitehawk Cinema opens in Williamsburg (scheduled for the end of this month), we may have a chance to do both. According to The Village Voice, the new complex will include three screens, multiple bars and a restaurant.

Two of the three screening spaces will feature tables between every pair of seats, along with waiter service. The theater is planning to frequently serve food that complements the theme of the movie.

Like a dream come true. Movies will be a mix of feature films and independent movies for $11 a ticket. I admit, I’m lazy when it comes to going out–I tend to stay firmly in walking distance of my apartment in Cobble Hill. But if this is as good as it sounds, I have no problem heaving my ass to Williamsburg.

Support National Autism Awareness Month

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If you didn’t know, April is National Autism Awareness Month. And to support the cause, here are two wonderful artistic projects to check out. The first, a film titled Wretches & Jabberers, features two men with autism embarking on a global quest to change attitudes about disability and intelligence. Determined to put a new face on autism, Tracy Thresher, 42, and Larry Bissonnette, 52, travel to Sri Lanka, Japan and Finland. At each stop, they dissect public attitudes about autism and issue a hopeful challenge to reconsider competency and the future. You can find screening dates here, or simply help out by purchasing the CD or vinyl LP (both out today)–a collaboration between songwriter/producer J. Ralph and McIntosh Laboratory, a producer of gorgeous, high-end audio systems (hence the vinyl). McIntosh’s owner Bob Weir joins a cadre of other well-known artists (including fellow Cobble Hill’er Norah Jones, Carly Simon and Ben Harper) to create a sublime soundtrack to the heart-wrenching movie. A portion of all proceeds will benefit the Autism Society of America and the Wretches & Jabberers Fund of the Institute on Communication and Inclusion at Syracuse University.

Clover Club’s Ode to Little Gold Men

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Don’t feel like yelling snarky remarks at overdressed actresses while ensconced in pajamas? Come celebrate Hollywood in the heart of Brooklyn at Clover Club’s 1′st Annual Oscar Party (210 Smith St.). The prohibition-style lounge will be serving up cocktails, champagne and fancy hors d’ oeuvres (like truffled popcorn…mmmmmmm) for a night of fashion, film and food. So get out your Sunday best and head over to enjoy this night in style (and gin). Starts at 6pm for red carpet arrivals; 8pm for awards. Reservations are suggested by calling (718) 855-7939.

Valentine’s in Bococa

By , 8 February, 2011, 1 Comment

I swear I just saw a Christmas tree sitting on the curb–is it really February already? Judging from the plethora of Valentine-related emails in my inbox, I’m guessing my last eight weeks are buried with the trash under the snow. So, ready or not, here it comes–the heavyweight champion of Hallmark Holidays. Hope these links will help you celebrate right (ahem, SPA TREATMENTS!). I’ll probably be getting more so will try to share as they come in.

The Art of Natural Beauty (239 Court St.) is offering spa specials for couples, ranging from $200 to $760.

Brooklyn Farmacy (513 Henry St.) has created a Valentine’s Day Mailbox. Just come by and inscribe a Valentine to a loved one, then place it in the mailbox on the counter top. On February 11th your ‘heart’ will be in the window for everyone to see. Great way to celebrate with the kids.

Shen Beauty wants to perk up your beauty regime. Buy any perfume in the month of February and receive a free tub of bath salts. Here’s a few V-day ideas for you boys.

Go old-school at Marco Polo Ristorante (345 Court St.). This Italian mainstay is offering A Night in Venice candlelight dinner from 12 to 14 February with a special menu of antipasta, salad, pasta and seafood entrees. If you’re wondering where the Venice part comes in–the staff will also be dressed up as Gondoliere.

T-Mobile wants YOU. To celebrate romance, it will offer all its phones free at T-Mobile retail stores with a qualifying plan on a two-year contract. So stop in 76 Court St. on 11 or 12 February if you’re looking to dump your carrier–even the fancy 4G MyTouch mobiles will be available. Not a bad deal.

To this day, one of my favorite half hours of TV is the Vitameatavegimin episode of I Love Lucy. Though I tend to split that with the “What does a yellow light mean” bit on Taxi. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good drunk. Want to give your kids some old-time, black & white fun this Valentine’s Day? Bring them to Big Movies for Little Kids (Cobble Hill Cinemas, 265 Court) on the 14th and let them enjoy the chaos and red-headed wonder of Lucy on their own with 66 minutes of the beloved sitcom.

Char No. 4 wants to add smoke to your fire (I just grossed myself out). Come in on Valentine’s for a special menu (in addition to the regular menu) which will include an optional whiskey pairing with each course. Think beef cheek tortellini, olive oil poached tuna, maple-glazed duck breast and chocolate banana pudding ($60 a person; $25 extra for whiskey pairing).