Pedestrian Hit: Another Bad Accident on Hicks St.

By , 3 April, 2013, No Comment

Today was not a good traffic day in Cobble Hill. Earlier, around 10:15am, a motorcycle was hit by a car at Atlantic Ave. near Hicks. And this afternoon, around 3pm, a car jumped the light at Hicks and Kane St. (see image) and hit a pedestrian crossing the street. Though I didn’t get the full info on how the victims are in either case, we are thinking of them. And, more importantly, as residents and parents in the neighborhood, it’s time we demand some action for slowing the cars down on the stretch of Hicks St. between Hamilton Ave. and Atlantic Ave., where motorists are racing to get on the BQE at all times of the day.
The DOT has proposed “Northbound Traffic Calming” which is to go into effect in June, but instead of slowing cars down, it seems to be more concerned with making sure traffic doesn’t back up. In our opinion, we’d rather have traffic than speeding cars. Here is the powerpoint we were provided. If you think they could do better, let Chris Hrones of the DOT know. You can email him your thoughts to

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