Dine In Brooklyn Starts Next Week

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It’s BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaack. Dine In Brooklyn, our borough’s version of Restaurant Week, begins 11 March. Yesterday, flanked by Brooklyn restauranteurs, bureaucrats, and freeloading journos (guilty as charged), Boro Prexie Marty Markowitz kicked off the well-loved event–which happens to be 10 years old this year–with a gut-busting tasting and press conference. There he announced approximately 200 of the borough’s restaurants which will be dishing out three-course dinner menus for $28, three-course lunches for $20.13.

Fancy corn soup warms the heart from Watty & Meg

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The list of participating eateries can be found here, and BoCoCa has a large chunk of the action, including some faves like Boca Lupo, Brooklyn Crab, Chez Moi, Hibino, Buttermilk Channel, Watty & Meg and Jolie Cantina. But make sure you check which meal is being offered as some places only do lunch, brunch or dinner (look for the L, B or D in front of the listing).

Can you say “Oysters”?

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After browsing the options, you may want to consider venturing out of our hood for well reviewed destinations like Ditmas Park’s The Farm on Adderly, old-school Italian Areo in Bay Ridge, Park Slope’s Applewood or rustic PT Restaurant in Williamsburg.
Certain restaurants will also be offering “two-fer” options, where you’ll get two meals for the one set price–like Atlantic Chip Shop, Sottocasa and Jake’s Bar-B-Que. Beverages, tax and gratuity are not included, and it’s important to remember to cancel reservations you can’t keep. Now get out there and put on some winter, depression fat before it’s too late.

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