Mooburger Begets Competition in Cobble Hill

By , 25 February, 2013, 5 Comments

It was only a matter of time before the smashing success of organic burger joint and family fave Mooburger got some serious competition. Serving up organic, specialty burgers and fare since fall of 2011, Mooburger is perennially packed with everyone from screaming babies to moustachioed hipsters, and soon, just a few blocks down the block at 145 Court St., Bareburger will be giving it a run for its money. Literally.
As you can see from the pic (left) the lights are on, though nobody’s home. A quick Google search showed us the history of Bareburger–a “micro-chain” which began in a Brooklyn music venue’s basement with locally sourced, organic burgers and snacks. Now open in several locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, Cobble Hill will be its newest stop. From the website, it looks eerily similar to Mooburger, though I don’t see zucchini sticks or fried mac n cheese. They do, however, add a buttermilk fried chicken burger to the mix. Also expect salads, sandwiches, sides, beer and wine. And a good mix of children’s meals. There’s no prices online, so we’ll see if that is also comparable. Projected opening is “Spring” so looks like we won’t have to hold out too long to do a little taste testing.

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  • TooFrank

    I have some friends who are Bareburger fans who were surprised, when Mooburger opened, at how similar the menu was to Bareburger (which has been around a lot longer). I don’t have loyalty to either, but I think it’s safe to say that a Bareburger in Cobble Hill was inevitable; I’m only surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Like before Mooburger and Burger on Smith and Two8Two got here.

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    It’s funny: two years ago, I was complaining that it was hard to get a really good burger around here. Now I wish somebody would open something BESIDES a burger place. Korean Fried Chicken, anyone?

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    A side note: I’m a little surprised you claim not to have seen “zucchini sticks.” Mooburger calls them “zucchini fries’ and BareBurger calls them “crispy zucchini sticks,” but I suspect they’re pretty much the same thing. And both have them listed on their online menus.

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    The fried mac and cheese, though, seems to be Mooburger only.

  • Lola

    All burger joints have similar menus, as do chinese, thai, greek, italian, well, you get my point. I have had burgers from both and I prefer Mooburger. I would have rather seen a different restaurant open on that corner. Another franchise, especially a burger joint,is not needed. I would rather spend my money eating a better burger at a “mom and pop” business like Mooburger, Two8two or Prime Meats.

  • Jason Foster

    Mooburger is so much better than Bareburger. Better burgers, prices, service and space. I have tried Bareburger at their Park Slope location. It is an overhyped franchise. I rather support a small business that happens to blow their “competition” away.

  • rob

    Competition is a good thing. I frankly am tired of all the thai food which it seems is on every corner in the Hill, Moo doesn’t do deliveries and Bare burger is planning on it. I can’t take Moo- whenever I’ve gone there are way too many whining rugrats .So , I’ve stopped going there . Bare on the other hand seems to be for adults . And they have some great salads too

  • Jon Bahner

    Mooburger wins by a long shot! Better burgers, service and atmosphere. I cant believe Bareburger was approved for outdoor seating on what was already a congested sidewalk. I guess big money franchises help overlook that fact. Recently heard JCrew is opening in Cobble Hill too. There goes the neighborhood…

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