Cobble Hill’s New Restaurant Opens on Henry St: Finally

By , 21 December, 2012, 2 Comments

Got a chance to stop in this evening. We are hoping this friendly, neighborhood spot succeeds–but a few things we think they need to work on. We ordered six empanadas, a salad and a bottle of wine for the adults, and two kid’s portion spaghetti. The empanadas were fabulous. Especially loved the strangely addictive corn and the beef with green olives hidden away inside the freshly baked crust. And the salad was a nice accompaniment, with chopped greens, avocado and mozzarella cheese–though nothing particularly special. However, my son asked for spaghetti with butter and soon complained that something was burning his mouth. Skeptical, we tasted it–only to realize there were massive chunks of roasted garlic mixed in. Great for us, not so great for a six year old. So just make sure to ask for no garlic if you’re ordering for younger kids. We ended up paying over $100 for this meal–and that’s without one proper entree. We’d love to see a few more affordable bottles of wine. All in all, nice atmosphere, very friendly staff, and some classic rock playing for us fogies–but upscale pricing may keep us from heading there for a bite with the family.

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Well, this is a nice surprise. Last year, we reported on a new sandwich shop on Baltic and Henry St., which was set to open at the end of 2011. A full year later, we are thrilled to see this gorgeous new full service restaurant unveiled instead. Called Libertador, it seems to be a mix of South American, Spanish and Italian cuisines, with appetizers encompassing a selection of empanadas, beef carpaccio and cured Iberico ham, and entrees like Milanese, quite a few pastas, and a full grill.
Lights are dim and the attention to detail on the architecture stunning. Haven’t had time to try the food yet but would love to hear from anyone who’s ventured in.

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  • TooFrank

    A very quick Google search suggests that this is a second outpost of a Manhattan Argentinian place, which fits well with your description (lots of Italian influence in Buenos Aires). Looking forward to trying it.

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  • Tobey

    I saw that there is one in Yorkville, but didn’t find evidence that they are related. Glad to know you found out though. Thanks for the update.

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