Brooklyn Bridge Park Opens New Pier 5

By , 13 December, 2012, No Comment

Check it peeps. Brooklyn Bridge Park opened its brand new Pier 5 this week, which includes five acres of sports fields, playgrounds and other super awesome amenities.
There’s the 200,000 square feet of synthetic turf, a Picnic Peninsula with built-in hibachis, tetherball poles and two play areas for both older and younger kids. And if you’re a fishing type, there will be four bait prep tables to help you up your game. Thankfully, twenty-six shade sails line the northern and southern sides of the pier for protection–unlike Pier 6, which doesn’t seem to address the problems of a blazing summer sun. That means we won’t all be huddling under the shade of a single, baby tree. Come on, you know what I’m talking about.

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