Homeless Shelter May Open in Carroll Gardens

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According to Capital New York, a homeless shelter may be opening in southern Carroll Gardens. Though the proposal for the 170-bed shelter at 165 West 9th St., which could open within weeks, has not been publicly announced, City Councilman Brad Lander is concerned with its substance and how clear the city will be on the approval process.

The neighborhood first learned of the potential plans on Oct. 4, via a terse one-page letter from Aguila Incorporated, a nonprofit that operates more than two dozen homeless shelters around the city via contracts with the D.H.S. The notification left many questions unanswered; for instance, how is the bidder planning to fit 170 people—single men, apparently—into the structure, a vacant 10-unit apartment building?
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A community meeting on this new development will be 24 October at 6:30pm, with a meeting place TBA.

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