PBS Kids Democracy Project Helps Younger Ages Understand Election

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Not sure about you, but we are big election junkies. Morning Joe reigns supreme in the early hours and everything from the Jim Lehrer Newshour to The Daily Show is being carefully analyzed until early November. So it’s not odd that our kids are becoming versed in words like Obama, Romney, healthcare and taxes–and asking us some questions we’re not quite sure how to answer. Enter PBS Kids: The Democracy Project, an interactive website that simply explains the election process and the candidates using games, stickers and fun facts. Here’s what you’ll find in the site:
Sticker Race: Kids can create and share campaign stickers about the issues that are important to them and the candidates that they support. They can also cast their vote for their favorite stickers helping to highlight the creativity of the community as well as which issues matter the most.
· Meet the Candidates: An Election 2012 infographic illustrates fun facts about the presidential candidates and the race.
· President for a Day: After applying to become president, kids will have the opportunity to role play as the president for a day, making decisions about different events that a president might actually experience while in office.
Though there’s no app, you can easily pull it up on a tablet for mobile viewing. And remember, don’t get too partisan on them just yet.

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