Gangs Mastermind BoCoCa Muggings

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Thanks Caroll Garden Patch for this informative piece on all the muggings we’ve seen in Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill this summer. According to the 76th precinct, two feuding Red Hook gangs recruited teens to boost revenue, and it was these young people who were behind the crime spree. Police Captain Schiff spoke at this season’s first community meeting at the precint, explaining the violence and expanded crime.

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“What happens in Red Hook affects what happens in Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill and the surrounding areas,” Captain Schiff told the room, explaining that over the summer the 76th Precinct identified two gangs that were vying for control of Red Hook. They are known as the Mad Dawgs and the Stone Cold Villains.
As a result of the war, there were a number of shootings in Red Hook. One individual in particular named Calvin Stallworth appeared to be at the root of the trouble. Stallworth had absconded from Pennsylvania parole in February and had made Red Hook his new headquarters. Stalworth allegedly has ties to The Mad Dawgs and had returned to take control. On July 7, another shooting took place in Red Hook, which involved three victims. Police learned that one of the victims belonged to the Stone Cold Villains.

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Because of this, more police flooded the area, subsequently depriving the gangs of their usual income. This led to the recruitment of younger kids who were sent out to make up the difference–hence the nabbing of cellphones, wallets and other general robberies. In fact, Schiff revealed that in the past 28 days, there have been seven robberies in Red Hook, six in Carroll Gardens and two in Cobble Hill.

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Various residents asked why they haven’t seen more police on foot patrol, given the nature of these violent crimes. The captain responded that the reason was twofold: For one, most of his men patrol in vehicles or wear plainclothes in order to blend in with their surroundings and observe criminal activity.
The other reason, he said, was simply that resources are limited.
“I encourage residents who have been victims of a crime to report it to the police so that we have it on file,” said Jerry Armer, community council president. “The more accounts we have on record per year plays a part in determining how much money is budgeted per precinct and how many police can be employed.”
Armer added that neighbors can petition their local politicians to designate more funds for their local precinct as well.

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