Robin Williams and Mila Kunis Filming in Cobble Hill

By , 11 September, 2012, No Comment

That there is a pic of a camera crew if you can’t tell. After walking past an unusual sign on Pacific St. and Clinton yesterday, proclaiming that if you decide to walk in that vicinity, you are giving a production company the right to use your voice and/or likeness in any subsequent filming (never saw one of those before), a friend texted to let me know Robin Wiliams was in front of Pacific Green on Court St. A little Googling later I saw that the comedy, The Angriest Man, began shooting yesterday morning. In addition to Mr. Williams, Mila Kunis, Melissa Leo, James Earl Jones and Game of Thrones fave Peter Dinklage may be hanging around the hood. Got any more info? Let us know!

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