Spate of Armed Robberies Plague BoCoCa

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Keep your iPhone hidden and your eyes open. That’s our advice after seeing this piece on Carroll Gardens Patch. It comes from reports at the 76th Precinct here on Union St., between Henry and Clinton St., and accounts for three robberies at gunpoint–in broad daylight. From the site:

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ROBBERY 1: While walking along Dyckman Street between Dwight and Richards Streets on Saturday, August 25 at 12:05 p.m. a woman, 33, was approached by a strange man who immediately pointed a black revolver at her head. The victim threw her iced coffee in the face of the assailant, tossed her cell phone and bag on the ground, then fled, police said.

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Robbery 2: Another woman was robbed at the corner of Henry and Sackett Streets in the middle of the afternoon, last week, according to police. On Tuesday, August 28 at 4:55 pm, the female, 28, was approached by two unknown individuals from behind.

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Robbery 3: At the corner of Columbia and Luquer Streets at 5:02 p.m. on Friday, August 24, two women, both 25, were walking when they were approached by a male and a female bearing a firearm. The thieves then demanded their belongings.

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If you have anymore info or want to add anything that’s happened recently, please let us know.

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