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Bon Appetit Grub Crawl Starts in Carroll Gardens

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Even Bon Appetit knows our little slice of Brooklyn is worth eating in. That’s why it is kicking off the Bon Appetit Grub Crawl this Friday, 1 June, in Carroll Gardens. The itinerary includes a punch demo and drinks tasting at Clover Club, garden snacking at Frankies 457/Prime Meats, fried chicken and biscuits at Seersucker, and assorted sweets from the new Treat Truck.
The fun moves to Williamsburg and Red Hook over the next two days, though you can buy tickets here for whichever leg of the journey you desire (Saturday night, in Williamsburg, a concert with “special guests” will also be included in the ticket price). Friday night only is $89 and a weekend pass is $245.

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Grand French Chef Series Continued at Prime Meats

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Prime Meats (465 Court St. ) is not messing around. Following its sold out Titanic Dinner, the popular Carroll Gardens hipster paradise is now taking reservations for a 10 course feast on 5 June, inspired by the “father of modern French cuisine,” Fernand Point. The dishes will be prepared from Point’s engaging cookbook, Ma Gastronomie. The rotund, high-fat loving chef is also known for opening the restaurant La Pyramide, about a half-hour south of Lyons–and to celebrate the eatery, dress code for this feast is roaring 20′s. The fun begins at 7Pm and it will cost you $185 per person (not inclusive of tax or gratuity)–though each course will be paired with wine. Email to book your seat and see menu below:

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Potage aux Fèves Faîches
Puree of fava beans garnished with crispy pork belly

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Homard Paillard
Roasted lobster, crème fraîche, cayenne and lemon

Tête de Veau à la Tortue
Braised calf’s head, cockscombs “turtle style” marjoram, and rosemary

Ris de Veau à la Nantua
Sweetbreads with crayfish, made with crayfish butter and black truffle

Pike Pyramide
Roasted Pike, seafood farci

Poularde Mère Léon
Roast Chicken, served with a morel béchamel, fresh spring peas

Filet de Boeuf Paul Mercier
Above served with turned vegetables glazed in chicken stock and butter

Salad Délice
String beans, raw julienne mushrooms, truffle, frisèe and minced shallots, chopped chervil and concasse of tomato

Les Fromages de Saint-Marcellin

Chocolate truffle

Concession Schedule for Brooklyn Bridge Park

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Wondering when Bark Hot Dogs is going to open for your first Six Point overlooking the volleyball courts at Pier 6? Here’s a list of Brooklyn Bridge Park concessions and their opening dates.

Blue Marble Ice Cream
Now open!
Located on the Pier 1 Promenade
Blue Marble serves up premium ice cream using exclusively certified organic grass-fed dairy and organic sugar.

Brooklyn Bridge Wine Bar
Now open!
Located on the Pier 1 Plaza
Have a glass of wine and watch the sunset!

Calexico Carne Asada
Opening soon
New Location: Main Street Entrance at Plymouth Street in DUMBO
Serving up California-style Mexican food, the Calexico cart has garnered fame for its chargrilled Carne Asada and generously-sized burritos.

Ditch Plains Drop-In
Now open!
Located in the Pier 1 Gatehouse
Ditch Plains Drop-In is a surf-style concession stand by chef and restaurateur Marc Murphy. Enjoy a selection of Ditch Plains specialties, from its celebrated lobster roll and the famous Ditch Dog topped with creamy mac ‘n’ cheese, to kid-friendly lunch boxes.
Hours of Operation:
Wed-Sun: 9AM – 8PM

Bark Hot Dogs
Opening for the season on May 26!
Located in the Pier 6 Concession Building
Bark, a Brooklyn-based hot dog restaurant in Park Slope, sells their classic dog, veggie dogs, burgers and beverages – including Gotham Project’s wine and Sixpoint beer!
Hours of Operation:
Wed-Thurs:11AM – 10PM
Fri-Sat:11AM – Midnight
Sunday: 11AM – 11PM
Holidays: 11AM – 10PM
No food will be served after 11PM.

Uncle Louie G’s
Opening for the season on May 26!
Located on Pier 6
Grab a homemade italian ice from this beloved Brooklyn shoppe and Feel Like A Kid Again!
Hours of Operation:
Fri-Sun: 11AM – 7PM
Holidays: 11AM – 7PM

Tall Ships Coming to Red Hook Memorial Day Weekend

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Staying in our fair borough this weekend? In addition to ferries beginning to run to Governor’s Island (WOO HOO!), another local event tailor-made for families is the OpSail celebration at the Red Hook Marine Terminal. The weeklong citywide OpSail event kicks off at 8:11 a.m. on Wednesday, 23 May, with the Majestic Parade of Ships—17 tall ships and 10 US Navy and foreign military ships—sailing beneath the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Here’s the info you need to know:


Red Hook Marine Terminal—Columbia Street entry at Congress Street

Public transportation is strongly suggested: B61 and B63 to Atlantic Avenue and Columbia St.


Saturday, May 26, Sunday, May 27 and Monday, May 28

10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Tall Ships

Juan Sebastian de Elcano, schooner, Spain

Cuauhtemoc, barque, Mexico

Etoile, schooner, France

La Belle Poule, schooner, France

Navy Ships

HMCS Iroquois, destroyer, Canada

JS Shirane, destroyer, Japan

FNS Pohjanmaa, mine layer, Finland

RFA Argus, hospital/cargo, United Kingdom

US Coast Guard Cutters

USCG Seneca

USCG Willow

Awash Open for Biz

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Update! Ethiopian eatery Awash is open tonight. Let us know how it is!

Restaurant Updates in BoCoCa

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Add another Italian joint and an Ethiopian restaurant to our fair BoCoCa.
Awash will take over the old Quercy space in Cobble Hill (242 Court St.) and though its website only mentions the upper west and east village locales, MenuPages has a full menu. It opens tomorrow, 22 May.
On Atlantic Ave between Hicks and Henry St., Table 87 (87 Atlantic Ave.) is getting ready to open it doors in the next few months. Realty Collective reports on it’s Italian roots.

From the Archives of That Really Sucks: SAT Scores Invalidated From Packer

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Oy. Seriusly, this blows. Imagine studying for months, taking your four hour SAT test, then being told your score is being nullified because whomever was watching you didn’t make sure the desks were at least four feet away from each other. This is what happened to nearly 200 students who took the test at Brooklyn Height’s Packer Collegiate Institute this month.
According to the NY Times, there have been an uptick of precautions since a cheating ring was found in Long Island last year–though this involved students taking tests for other students.

The Educational Testing Service, which administers the SAT on behalf of the College Board, confirmed that 199 scores from the exam were canceled after an audit of the testing site, but declined to say why. Mr. Dennis said the school’s E.T.S. liaison was told by the company that some of the students had been too close together; they were supposed to be at least four feet apart.
Tom Ewing, a spokesman for E.T.S., said that the company routinely conducted unannounced audits and that their frequency had not increased significantly. Mr. Ewing acknowledged that it was unusual for every score from a site to be thrown out. “Typically we will get cancellations for a room,” he said. “But issues that affect an entire test are more rare.”

Packer’s website had this posted today: Packer will be providing bus transportation to and from the re-test location at Abraham Lincoln High School this Saturday for all students who were tested here on May 5, whether they attend Packer or not. We will also offer a nutritious breakfast for students en route.
Buses will leave Packer at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 19 and will depart from Abraham Lincoln HS at approximately 12:30 p.m. and return to Packer.
Students who wish to leave Lincoln earlier or stay later will need to find their own transportation home.
To help us plan for adequate bus capacity, please contact Packer’s Upper School Office at or (718) 250-0225 if you plan to use the bus service.
We apologize to those students affected by this testing mishap, whether they attend Packer or not, and of course are also taking the appropriate measures to ensure that we comply fully with all College Board testing guidelines for future administrations of the examination.

Though the breakfast sounds good, I don’t think that would make me feel any better about retaking the test.

Brooklyn Heights Library: Porn Paradise

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Here’s your bizarre story of the week. A man surfing the web at the Brooklyn Heights branch of the Brooklyn Public Library was stabbed on Tuesday by a homeless man who claimed there was porn on the screen. I actually had to check if this took place in Brooklyn Heights, OH (yes, there is a Brooklyn Heights in Ohio, look it up) when I first read the headline. But nope, it was NYC. I guess the homeless guy should have tipped me off.
Anyhow, according to the NY Daily News, Ransom Alton, 52, claimed he had just sat down to do job searches when Ralph Neptune, 46, came over and knifed him the chest (Alton is home and on the mend).

“He said something about somebody messing with his girlfriend or wife,” Alton continued. “(Then) he attacked me.”
Alton was treated at Bellevue Hospital and released after the bloody stabbing around 7:20 p.m.
The man insisted it would be impossible to look at racy videos due to filter systems that are installed. And he added that Neptune would have had to go out of his way to see what was on the screen.
“There are privacy screens,” Alton said. “He had to be all up on me to see what I was looking at — I was doing job searches.”

That is one devout homeless dude.

Still Need to Figure Out Camp? Don’t Panic

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Waited for the last minute to figure out camp for the kids this year? KidKlass Brooklyn says Don’t Panic. Or, rather they’re holding an event this Sunday, 20 May, called Camp Panic to help you figure out the right spot (left over) for your little ones. From the website: More than 40 camps are expected, and they will also have their Fall programs. Something for everyone, ages 0-17. There will be free activities all during the event. Music, art, sports and more to keep your child entertained while you check out your spring, summer and fall options. This event is free and open to the public.
The event takes place at the International School of Brooklyn, 477 Court Street @Luquer, from noon to 3pm.