Taking a Dip, Brooklyn Style

By , 30 June, 2011, No Comment

Cooling down isn’t easy in the city. So why not head to one of the NYC pools, now open for business from 11am to 7pm, (closed between 3 and 4 to clean). Our local options are the Sol Goldman Pool, Red Hook, Bay and Henry Streets and Double D Pool, Gowanus, Douglass and Nevins St. which almost closed due to lack of funding last summer.
The Red Hook option is a little cleaner and larger, but Double D has a kiddie pool for the little ones. And remember, if you want to wear a shirt in the water, it’s gotta be plain white. No colors allowed. Flip flops and hats are ok, but not much else. That means no flotation devices for children, and no balls or buckets or toys. And most importantly, bring a lock because you can’t take your wallet and you don’t want to leave it in the locker room. Trust me. For a more comprehensive Brooklyn overview of the public pools, check out this Brooklyn-Based tip sheet.

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