Water Balloons on Steroids

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KAOS Nemesis Wrist Launcher-for the children

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Don’t know about you, but water balloons are an obsession in this household. If I want happy children, I’ve got to have a few in my pocket when we head anywhere with access to a sink or drinking fountain (ie: every single playground in Bococa). Sometimes, they even bring them home and put them in the fridge to “save for tomorrow.” Uh HUH.
But what if I told you I found a little gadget that makes water ballooning even more fun? Yes, I said MORE FUN. The KAOS Nemesis Wrist Launcher by Imperial Toy is just that. Made of lowly plastic, it kind of looks like a mini-jai alai stick, but can launch water balloons over 100 feet. And man, it’s got precision. Just a flick of the wrist and even the dog won’t be safe. You can pick it up at Target for $15 and it comes with 50 balloons to start with.

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