Could Kardashian Crash Cobble Hill?

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Sadly, my husband broke the news that Kim Kardashian is engaged. Yes, his time on SportsCenter elicited a better update on the country’s favorite porn/reality/sports-loving gal than my fleeting ten minutes of BBC News. And guess what? Her hubby-to-be is a current NJ Net–and will be moving to our borough come 2012 to become a Brooklyn, um, New Yorker? Yes, Kris Humphries will be heading to our neck of the woods, and I appreciated the Wall Street Journal’s take on it.

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And because this is Brooklyn, the baby watch will be on. Maybe they will have two babies, pushed in a diamond-encrusted Bugaboo. The Cobble Hill playground will be on high alert, with jealous parents clucking over lattes from Ted & Honey. Are the Humphries-Kardashian kids really having a birthday party at Carmelo the Science Fellow? Where will they go to school? St. Ann’s? Packer? Berkeley-Carroll? 321? Are Khloe and Lamar coming in for the weekend?
Kim will be everyone’s new best friend, the newest smug name drop. “Oh, you saw Jonathan Safran Foer at BAM? Well, I just went shopping at Bird with Kim Kardashian and then I took her to the Red Hook soccer field.”

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Of course, we all know she’s no Michelle Williams. If you’re celebrating your engagement party with glitter-covered miniature horses (oh yes she DID), you are firmly staying in the land of Manhattan. Though I’m pretty sure I saw a diamond-encrusted Bugaboo parked outside Barney’s just last week…

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