Dine-In Brooklyn: The Real Deals in Bococa

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As we mentioned earlier this week, we love that Brooklyn has it’s own version of Restaurant Week. And if it encourages us to get out and hit the town–all the better. But as a few of you have pointed out, getting a $25 dinner or $20 lunch at many of the participating restaurants isn’t saving much cash. Sure, nabbing a table at Le Cirque or River Cafe makes sense. But somewhere like Hana Cafe? Not so much. So to give you an even better reason to Dine-In Brooklyn, here are the eateries that are offering the reals deals in the neighborhood–two-for-one brunches, lunches and dinner (a full list is on the last page of the flyer):

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La Flor Del Paraiso Restaurant & Bar (491 Atlantic Ave)
The Atlantic Chipshop (129 Atlantic Ave)
Jake’s Bar-B-Que (189 Columbia St)
JB Burgers (255 Smith St.)
Olga’s on Smith (407 Smith St.)
RICE (81Washington St.)

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