Coney Island Loses Ringling Bros. Circus

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Man, just when my kids were the right age to sit through a show, the folks at Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus are packing up their toys and going home. As we reported last March, the circus ran all summer at Coney Island for just $10 a ticket. But alas, according to the Brooklyn Paper, the show is now claiming scheduling conflicts and financial issues.

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“We already committed to shows in the Pacific Northwest,” said the spokesman, Stephen Payne. Insiders surmised that the circus hadn’t made as much money as it hoped to.
“They opted out of the agreement because they were having trouble making the numbers work,” said Michele de Milly, a spokeswoman for Taconic Partners, which leased the site to Ringling Bros.
Payne declined to address the money question, saying only that the circus hopes to return next summer.

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The plan according to Bloomberg is to bring another form of entertainment to the space, though none has been announced as of yet.

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