Serious Soccer Birthday Parties

By , 4 February, 2011, 1 Comment

We recently reported the opening of Upper 90, a super soccer store/facility on Atlantic Ave. between Bond and Hoyt. And in addition to the classes they offer on the 750-square-foot turfed and padded pitch, birthday parties have now been added to the roster. The Basic Package offers 90 minutes of fun, with 60 minutes of soccer, supervision by the coaching staff and Upper 90 Soccer + Sport water bottles. That’ll run you $20 a kid plus $100 flat fee. “Enhancements” include custom soccer jerseys: ($20/participant); mini-balls ($10/participant); pizza & beverages ($5/participant); piñata ($40); and soccer-themed party favors ($10/participant). Digging this idea, though we haven’t checked it out yet. Call them at (646) 863-3105 for more info–and let us know what you think if you’ve been by.

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