Can Beer REALLY Be Scary?

By , 21 October, 2010, No Comment

I don’t know, I’d have to be fairly far gone to be scared by beer, but I appreciate Shmaltz Brewing (makers of HE’BREW – The Chosen Beer) giving it their best effort with the seasonal release of Coney Island Freaktoberfest (Blood Red Lager), part of its sideshow-inspired beers. When asked recently in an interview if Shmaltz Brewing was “going mainstream” by adding a new line beyond the Jewish celebration ales under the HE’BREW banner, proprietor Jeremy Cowan countered: “I guess if circus sideshow freaks are more mainstream than Jews, Shmaltz is going mainstream!” Either way, I’m looking forward to adding a four-pack (sorry, no sixes here) to my Halloween list.

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