B75, B77 Buses Replaced

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More rearranging of bus routes will begin June 27, when the venerable B75 and B77 buses (which serve Downtown Brooklyn, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens and Park Slope) are replaced by the B57 and B61, which will be extended. The Brooklyn Eagle reports:

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The B57 route that travels along Jay Street, as the B75 now does from Vinegar Hill, will continue past its current downtown turnaround point. It will extend along the current B75 route at Livingston Street and then go south along Court Street. It will turn around at 10th Street, travel north along Smith Street, and then proceed along its regular route.

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The B61, rather than ending at its Red Hook terminus, will continue along the B77 route there and along Lorraine Street, retracing the current B77 route all along its Ninth Avenue route at Smith Street.
In Park Slope it will turn off Ninth Street south onto Ninth Avenue along the B75 route and turn around in Windsor Terrace where the B75 does now, returning along Ninth Avenue and west onto Fifth Street. Then it will go north onto Eighth Avenue and west back onto Ninth Street to Red Hook, and will resume its regular route from there. For direct service between Park Slope and Downtown, riders must take the B61 or the B67, the latter as usual. Service through the center of Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens to and from Downtown would require riders to take a B57 bus. But it will not go to Park Slope, although a transfer to the B61 can be made at Smith and Ninth streets. The MTA characterized the B75 and B77 as cost-gobbling routes with low riderships, but said the more cost-effective B57 and B61 routes could take up the slack.

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