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Uhmm… so we’ve been trying to get the word out about BococaLand (this site as well as our boards) and we were kicking around the idea of putting up signs or stickers. Apparently the city tries to slap you with $75 per sign. Or in the case of one unfortunate woman who put an envelope full of business cards out on Court St., $75 per card. After a nine-month legal struggle, her fine has been cut from $3,000 to $75. Hooray. (Paws-n-Claws in Clinton Hill is not so lucky, getting no relief for its $8,700 in fines for illegal fliers.)

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So about those signs or stickers — let’s hold off. To those of you who’ve become Facebook fans: Thanks, and don’t hesitate to tell a friend. Don’t make us resort to vandalism.

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